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“One Simple Secret That Makes Beautiful Women Putty In Your Hands… How To Use The Virtually Unknown F-Formula To Leave Her Feeling Like You Read Her Mind”…

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It’s a complete myth that you have to be good looking, have lots of money or wear great clothes to attract women…

Ever wonder why some guys seem to get all the drop-dead gorgeous girls, even when they aren’t the best-looking guys in the room?

In today’s free presentation, you’re going to learn the insider “secrets” that make beautiful women putty in your hands…

You’ll also discover…

Right here on this page, I’m about to reveal to you the most common mistake that causes guys to screw up after they approach a girl—but most guys (maybe you) have NO CLUE that even they’re making it.

You see…


Scenario #1:

He talks to me without ever making a move or escalating. And in that case, he’ll ALWAYS be doomed to the friend zone.

Scenario #2:

We talk for a while…but when he tries to take it to the ‘next level’ he gets rejected immediately…and comes off as a creep.

Scenario #3:

He ignites INSTANT CHEMISTRY. Then, when he “makes a move”, the only thing us girls can think is, ‘Um, YES PLEASE!’


It’s NOT looks, status, height, or money… and DEFINITELY not luck.

Even male dating coaches sometimes chalk it up to a “numbers game”— when it’s NOT. (We can’t blame them though—girls’ brains are wired to understand this stuff while guy’s brains aren’t.)

The truth is, every girl knows there’s ONE THING that makes all the difference after the approach:


And if you’re not experiencing scenario #3 REGULARLY, then you’re not flirting in the specific ways women are hard-wired to respond to.

So with that said…


(And What's KILLING Your Chances With Girls)

Think of the last time you were on a ROLLER COASTER...

There was such a mix of emotions, wasn’t there?
The jittery feeling in your body as you climb up the hill…your heart thudding so loud you can hear it in your ears…
When the drop comes, you feel it deeply in your stomach. You feel exhilarating adrenaline—almost like you’re flying without wings. 
Afterward, you’re elated… brimming with energy… and ready to do stuff you wouldn’t normally do, right?


For us girls, NOTHING compares to a guy who can elicit an “emotional roller coaster” that keeps us guessing!

In fact, creating that roller coaster is 90% of the game after you approach.

Because—even if you’re saying slightly “off-color” or outrageous things to arouse her emotions—it’s all in the context of fun and playfulness.


When you’re riding a real roller coaster, you experience the “scary” emotion of falling that literally elicits fear of death.
But because it’s in a fun, controlled environment where you don’t actually fear death, that allows you to enjoy it.
That’s exactly what good flirting does.
It allows girls to enjoy the excitement of escalating with you in the “controlled environment” of camaraderie and comfort—where there’s no actual danger.
And when you know how to flirt properly, you create that environment—in any situation you want, with any girl you want.
And she’ll always respond positively to you, no matter what “type” of girl she is… because this is an evolutionary trait all women have.
Her “ape brain” will feel safe and at ease with you—so you can banter and “push the limits” without coming off creepy.
In fact, when you’re flirting properly, she’ll be disappointed if you don’t escalate.
And when you do, you’ll feel to her like the most fun, exhilarating, and SECURE roller coaster she’s ever been on—
And every girl secretly longs to “ride” THAT roller coaster 😉


Even if a girl gets approached 50 times a day, there’s still a low chance she’ll encounter a guy who can give her that safe “roller coaster” experience…

…which is something she NEEDS in order to feel good escalating with you.

That’s why—once you read on to find out how to do it—you’ll know more about this than the top one percent of guys who approach girls.


Now—most guys are lost when it comes to this. So if you’re not sure where to begin to create that “emotional roller coaster,” it’s not your fault.

Studies have proven guys aren’t wired to understand this the way girls do. And even for most girls—it happens below their level of conscious awareness, so they can’t explain it to men.

But right now, I have a “secret weapon” for you that clarifies all of it, making flirting DEAD simple.

And words can’t describe how excited I am to finally unveil it—it’s been YEARS in the making.

See—until recently, I had a problem that prevented me from teaching guys to flirt:

I wasn’t able to “see outside myself.”

I was never able to pinpoint what was so effective about good flirting…so I could put it into methods and strategies that can actually help men learn it!

But then I met my Wing Girl Marissa—and that ALL changed.

Marissa has an uncanny ability to pinpoint exactly what makes us girls respond to your flirting with intense attraction.

She explained every technical nuance of creating that “emotional roller coaster” in simple, elegant detail—that clarified everything for guys in our coaching sessions.

I was shocked—she can teach guys how to flirt in ways I’d been trying to get my finger on for YEARS.

That's When I Had The BIG Idea...

I asked Marissa to put her flirting system into a plug-and-play FORMULA any guy can follow to become an exceptional flirter—and she did.

Now—this is the FIRST time I’ve let anyone besides me create a Wing Girl product—and for good reason.

Frankly, most women don’t understand their own attraction “consciously” enough to teach it to guys.

They give the typical BS advice that makes girls think they’re helping, but only confuses men (or worse yet, makes them wussier).

But when I saw the results Marissa got for the initial test subjects of her Flirting Formula, she over-the-top impressed me.

In fact, she’s a complete genius.

Her step-by-step formula is all-inclusive…meaning any guy can use it to go from “hello” to the bedroom, a relationship, or wherever you want to take it—using just Three Phases of interaction.

She drew from decades of research—observing, questioning, and testing her findings on women of ALL kinds…using concepts from neuro-imaging and evolutionary psychology studies to amplify its effectiveness.

She analyzed, probed and examined thousands of beautiful women for this—most of them didn’t even know they were under the microscope!

…And she boiled it down to an all-encompassing, biologically-based FORMULA for keeping any women hooked on you—from the beginning of your interaction all the way to the end 😉

And once the product was finished, the guys we tested it on were in just as much shock as I was.

Girls were laughing at their jokes more, lingering around them longer, and excited to escalate—when before, their interactions almost always went nowhere.

See, the secret to Marissa’s Flirting Formula—what most guys will never understand about flirting—lies in…

This amazing program alone will give you more options, greater satisfaction, and remarkable results in your dating life.

Marissa and I are so excited for you to experience that, I’m determined to knock off every single hesitation you may have to trying it out.

Now is the perfect time to introduce you to:


…that govern every successful flirting interaction between humans.

Women are biologically predisposed to be naturally highly tuned and responsive to these subtle Phases (both consciously and unconsciously).

Almost all men have NO CLUE these Phases exist. It’s NOT in their biology, and if they go through them properly, it’s usually by accident.

But the beautiful part is—you can learn all of it.

And when you do, you’ll automatically know how to use an emotional roller coaster to ignite girls’ “flirting instincts,” without having to remember to “say” or “do” anything.

…and we’ll feel comfortable and aroused by your advances—at any point the interaction.

So FINALLY, we’re revealing all of it—everything you’ll need to become a flawless flirter—in a potent, information-packed course we’re calling…


And frankly, this is the only program out there that reveals the inner workings of flirting at this level.

It starts with a PDF of over 72 pages that takes you through each Phase of The F Formula in the same step-by-step detail that’s been proven to work with thousands upon thousands of women.

As you go through it, you’ll be directed to exclusive instruction videos, MP3s, action guides, and over $238 worth of bonus content—that’s been specifically designed to solidify this girl-attracting information into your brain for GOOD.

Even if you still have approach anxiety—once you know the skills to make the interaction go well, mustering the guts to approach is a THOUSAND times easier. So this program can help you no matter where you’re at.

This amazing program alone will give you more options, greater satisfaction, and remarkable results in your dating life.

Marissa and I are so excited for you to experience that, I’m determined to knock off every single hesitation you may have to trying it out.


In over an hour of HD video footage, I pushed these gorgeous women HARD to give you the REAL answers every man needs to hear. These interviews will tie everything together by giving you access to what flirting looks like from inside the female brain—something most men will never understand. ($47 Value).

That’s SEVEN exclusive bonuses with a total value of $238…that you’re getting for FREE just as a “thank you” for picking up The F Formula.

But before you start to get excited, keep reading to find out about the opportunity you have right now!

Here's What Others Have Said:

Charles, 39

3 benefits of buying this program are I’m no longer intimidating with talking to women, I’m actually having fun just talking to people I started talking to everyone regardless of sex like y’all told me to and it has opened up doors I didn’t even know existed. The last one being my confidence has increased 10 fold.

Yes I would recommend this product.

H.J, 33

“Thanks for reteaching to realize how exciting it can be to flirt and do the chase thing again, even if it’s with my wife or another the chase will be fun. You made it fun for me again”

Graham, 35

“Two days ago, I was but a humble man, quarantining at home with his wife and wondering whether he could make it to 2021 without losing his mind.

I discovered ‘The F Formula’ program through YouTube. I gave it a 50% chance of being completely useless because that is how many online self-help products I have purchased over the years. Anyway, I paid the $47 for ‘The F Formula’ program because the price was low enough that I was willing to take the risk.

The results have been absolutely incredible. The steps that are laid out in the book are very intuitive and easy to remember. I especially liked the concept of dividing the process into three phases. I feel much more confident interacting with my wife because I know that if I make a mistake, I can just return to Phase 1 and work my way back up. I feel like I finally have the power to give her the connection (😉) she’s been wanting for so long. I am really looking forward to our future together.

The experience of reading the materials was painful at times. The prospect of paying for the privilege of having a group of women lecture me about how I’m screwing up my sex life does not sound particularly appealing to me (or, I think, to any man who is struggling in their relationships with women). However, I stuck with it and I’m very thankful that I did.

I would continue rambling on about this product, but my wife is interrupting me and demanding that I go for a walk with her. She says, “I told my friend not to come with us because I want us to spend some special time together.” What the hell?! She has never spoken to me this way at any point in the last six years.

Thank you so much for creating this product and transforming my marriage! …And you did it in under 48 hours!”

Roger, 31

“My name is Roger and I’m from Orlando but currently working on my masters in Gainesville, Florida. I’m 31 years old and I decided to buy this program to learn how to flirt. I had seen your videos on YouTube, but was hesitant on buying the program thinking it would cost too much. When I saw it was affordable, I had to take advantage.

I’ve had this product for almost a week now and I’ve discovered that flirting doesn’t always have to be sexual. I’ve tried to change my approach with some women lately and it just always felt awkward trying to add that sexual element to the conversation.

I love the break down of how flirting actually works and the audiobook is also great! I love the additional insight added. I’ve noticed throughout the years that there are certain topics or times where I don’t really speak my mind about and I feel this program can change that. I know it can also help me improve my interactions with my guy friends and people in general.

I recommend this program to anyone that wants to improve their flirting game and interactions with people. The science behind flirting and the step by step lessons are bite size bits of knowledge that won’t overwhelm you as you progress throughout the program.

Thank you for having created this program.”


Jay, 43

“Dear Marni, I’m new to dating at 40. I’m attractive and confident and able to attract women much younger then me, but was missing a little something on how to close the deal with women. I bought the f-formula and it was just the little boost of info I needed. I made a date with a girl determined to use the approach laid out and the date went well as usual but, she went home with me that same night. The major change being instead laying back I made my intentions clear with her. thanks to the tips I learned in the F-formula. I’m sold on the product. Thank you.”

David, 36

“I always thought that flirting was saying something sexual to women. And I just couldn’t bring myself to do that to women. I felt like I was assaulting them or something. With the examples in the program of what to say and the instructions on how and when to escalate, I can now spark attraction in women without ever having to say anything sexual at all. It’s pretty amazing how women react to this and it’s so much easier then what I was doing before.”

Ali, 27

“I had no clue that what I considered flirting was actually not flirting at all. Now when I flirt women respond to me and flirt back. It’s pretty amazing.”

Eric, 52

“Thank you for creating such wonderful products. Though I have just recently purchased them, they have already begun to have a major impact on my confidence level with women.”

David, 22

“I can flirt with anyone!!!! Thank you Marni and Wing Girl Team. This is amazing.”

Jacob, 43

“I signed up after purchasing the F-Formula.

I wanted to learn how to talk with women better.
I’ve learned more about women from Marni than I’ve learned in my entire life.
I think the thing that stands out the most about WGM is how I can get the girl by being the best most authentic version of myself. She teaches skills that are in alignment with being a good person. I don’t have to be a person I hate to be good at women.
The most valuable thing Marni has taught me is how to people. My life has been incredibly painful because I never understood how to function socially, feeling ostracized like I wasn’t even human. Learning how to talk to people has been the answer I’ve looked for all my life. I can’t even describe how much this means to me.
I plan to have a coaching session with Marni at some point when I’m ready.”

Sean, 28

“I would just like to add a big THANK YOU for providing a manipulation free way to flirt and talk to women that will keep me out of the friend zone.

I have purchased other resources on the subject but they just seemed deceptive and wrong. Your program has very similar concepts but applies them in a way that is morally something I can feel comfortable with.”


Taking a girl out to dinner can cost you $50, $70, even $100 bucks or more. And even after all that, she may not be one bit attracted to you.

When you go to bars or clubs to meet women, the entrance fees can exceed $60 or $70 dollars.

With drinks, that can skyrocket past $150 or $200. And most guys spend all that and still go home lonely and unhappy.

Not only that…some guys buy women gifts, jewelry, cars, and even pay for their college tuition… and girls STILL don’t feel attracted to them one bit!

So think of all the money you’ve already spent to meet women to no avail…

How much would it be worth to you if I could show you right now what’ll REALLY make your girl problems vanish forever?

…If I could tell you everything you need to know to spark visceral attraction in any woman… that automatically ignites whenever she’s around you?

…If I could clarify everything that makes girls eager and excited to go to the “next level” with you, just by being YOU?

The truth is…most guys would easily pay thousands of dollars for that kind of knowledge.

If I could wave a magic wand and give you all that, I bet you could find $1000 for it, too.

In fact, I bet you could find $2,000 or $5,000 to attract women as effectively as The F Formula lets you.

But—I’d never ask you to pay that.

Marissa worked hard making this. She wants as many guys as possible to experience its amazing results. And I agree.

So today, you can have The F Formula—the relentlessly-tested and proven female secrets to flirting and escalating…

…PLUS the seven amazing bonuses worth over $238 dollars…

And here’s what else—I’m SO certain The F Formula will permanently change the way women respond to you that I’ll give you a full 7 days to try everything out and get a 100% refund.



Only $47

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“Easy to understand, easy to follow and I like Marni enthusiasm.” – David
“I bought the F-Formula a few weeks ago and all I can say is WOW. I met this absolutely beautiful woman. I’m flirting with her. Not afraid to tell her how beautiful she is. I’m more confident. Taking action. And tonight she just called me the man of her dreams.” – Ryan Ard
“Miss Marni- I met someone and used your methods on her last night. We’re flying to Vegas tonight to get married.
Just kidding. I absolutely expected this to be a scam. I couldn’t have been more wrong. All of it makes perfect sense. Explains what went right and wrong all these years (I’m really old).”
– Paul
“You really woke me up about women, I thought all this was wrong, but I learned that is the exact opposite. the most incredible thing I learned from you was from that homework you gave me of trying to get rejected 10 times, I got laid on the second try. Thank you, Marni”
– Marco
“Things are going so good. There is a 10 that’s been flirting with me at work. Everytime she walks by she gives me that look. I just asked her out and she said yes. Also there is three other women at work just throwing themselves at me. I feel like a rock star.”
– Chuck
“I freaking LOVE this guide. I’ve always been comfortable with the women around me, but I could never talk to the girls I really wanted. This guide has given me a road map that has changed my life in all directions! In the past 2 weeks, I’ve made more friends, been invited to partys, deepened existing relationships, and just felt so much better about myself.

I’m currently planning a date with a girl I met at the bar (something I haven’t done since college). I recently even had an interaction with a group of 10s and had them all giggling and flirting. I couldn’t believe I was flirting, let alone talking, to the hottest girls in the bar! I had to act cool as I ran off and pinched myself. Thanks so much for making this possible. Changed my life!
PS- All this and I’m still on stage 1 😂. ♥️ you guys!”
– John

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